Shepherding Form.

We appreciate you taking the time to do this.
Our desire is for our church to be better equipped
to serve and care for you more effectively.
First Name:

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Work and Education Experience.
The next two questions are especially helpful when our church is made aware of a particular need, we can know how our members might be uniquely skilled or gifted to understand/meet those needs.

What are your current and past occupations?

Including Side Work, Invested Hobbies
What schools have you attended, or special training have your participated in?

Include areas of knowledge, expertise, topics you have researched for leisure
Shirt Size: *

Please be specific, such as, "Women's Medium."
What are your favorite foods/food groups? *

Please list as many as you'd like. This may determine where we go out to eat, or what we prepare for you in our homes :)
What are your other interests? *

E.G. Hobbies, Skills, Favorite Books, Quotes, Preachers, Bible Verses, Leisure Activities, Sports, etc. Again, the more, the better! If I wanted to take you out for a fellowship activity, what would you enjoy doing?
What follows is a list of areas to serve in the body of Christ. Please indicate your interest/willingness to serve in these ways.

Communications- Keep accurate list of emails, phone numbers, birthdays, and anniversaries. Train and develop a backup person. *

Mass Media and Communication - Steward technology to communicate information to the group; includes social media, ProPresenter, Powerpoint, Calendar Updates, etc. Train and develop a backup person. *

Food/ Refreshments - Coordinate refreshments for weekly meetings. Call to remind those who are providing refreshments for that week. Call and inform the host of the person bringing refreshments. Once a month celebrate everyone's birthday and/or anniversary that month. Serve as backup when the need arises. Train and develop a backup person. *

Hospitality - Open your home to host the study (for a month or longer). Provide drinks. Coordinate whose home the group will be in. *

Welcoming - Greet and engage new visitors.Show kindness to people who are not "like me." Be an "extrovert." Learn new names and follow up during the week with written cards or gifts. Train and develop a backup person. *

Prayer - Coordinate and lead group prayer and seek ways to promote bearing one another's burdens in prayer. Keep a prayer list and remind the group of answered prayer. Develop leaders to lead small groups. Break up into groups regularly (sometimes men/women). Exhort us from Scripture about prayer. Train and develop a backup person. *

Worship in Song - Prepare and lead worship for weekly meetings and special events (2-4 songs). Incorporate new songs we sing at church. Play a musical instrument. Pray that God would receive our worship, indwell our praises, and would focus us on God and Christ. Train and develop a backup person. *

Teaching/ Devotional- Teach on a regular basis. Share a devotional from Scripture about something God has been teaching you. Train and develop a backup person. *

Men's Discipleship - Coordinate pairs within our group. Encourage older men to disciple younger men. Encourage opportunities for people interested in being discipled or discipling someone else. *

Women's Discipleship - Coordinate pairs within our group. Encourage older women to disciple younger women. Encourage opportunities for people interested in being discipled or discipling someone else. *

Counseling/Discipleship- Minister to the needs of hurting members by walking alongside them and lovingly showing them Christ. Encourage the group to lovingly share their burdens and needs with believers. Commit to our biblical counseling philosophy of ministry. Be accountable to church shepherds and pastors. Train and Develop a backup person.

Missions - Serve as the point person for corresponding with our group's missionary/church and communicate their needs to the rest of the group (monthly). Coordinate any gifts or care packages they might need. Train and develop a backup person. *

Outreach - Plan and prepare outreach events to reach new people in our church and/or the community (at least once a quarter). Occasionally challenge and remind the group to pair up with another couple and/or single(s) in the group and invite someone new over. Organize kindness evangelism. Train and develop a backup person. *

Event Coordinator - Plan, prepare, and execute special events for the group, overseeing various people/resource logistics (e.g. Thanksgiving social, summer social(s)) Train and develop a backup person. *

Showers and Socials - Serve as point person for coordinating and planning showers, meals, and other needs for the group. Ensure birthdays and anniversaries are recognized and celebrated every month. Train and develop a backup person. *

Group Service - Let the group know of opportunities to serve together (Nursery, Children's ministry, mid-week childcare, Union Gospel Mission, etc) *

Exhortation- Come prepared to share a psalm, hymn, spiritual song, or a teaching, so as to encourage one another and stimulate one another to love and good deeds. *

Shepherd - Oversee the discipleship and care of the saints in the group. Oversee and organize the above areas of service. Communicate all updates, prayer, and needs to the Elders/Pastor. Participate in regular discipleship and accountability with the Elders and other community group leaders. Train and develop a backup person. *

Is there another area of serving that has not been mentioned that you would love to do?

What other comments or questions do you have?

Thank you! Your form has been submitted.
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